A Capell’Art Hotel, Ceux-sur-Montreaux

A Capell’Art Hotel is situated high above Montreaux in Ceux-sur-Montreaux in the vicinity of Swiss Management Hotel School. This is very charming hotel in traditional style giving the guests sense of Swiss and the Alps. Since it was built at the end of 19th century it combines charm of old Swiss Riviera and modern era comfort and amenities.

A Capell’Art is a 3 star hotel on great location above Montreaux and Lac Leman (Geneva Lake) and just few minutes away from Ceux train station. It overlooks the whole Montreaux-Vevey riviera as the most beautiful part of Swiss Riviera.

Check-in: 16:00

Check-out: 11:00

Address: 5, Chemin de l’Impératrice, Caux-sur-Montreux 1824, Switzerland

Phone: +41 21 963 44 44